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As a senior at Lincoln High School back in 1998-1999, I wrote for the school newspaper. I was mainly writing for the sports section. Most of my writing dealt with track, although I was fortunate to be able to get a couple of my own ideas. Overall it was a good time, and it started my enjoyment for writing. Over the course of the year, the school newspaper, Ect......, would come out with five editions that would contain works by the rookie journalist Keith Teasdale. I was able to get at least one article in each paper, most having two, and with one edition, I had three articles. I actually still have all of those newspapers from which I was involved in. Here I list the articles I wrote based on release date.

Volume 1 (October - November 1998)

Lion Pack Attack

Jeremy Costa leads the charge into the 98 boys cross-country season. Team captain, Costa, and his Lions have started the season with a pedestrian 4-4 recrod and a fifth place standing in the Northern Division. Costa is followed by upcoming star Ken Campbell, who has looked great so far this year and shows signs of only getting better. Other outstanding runners on the team include, Kory Textiera, Derick Bulhumeur and Brad LaPorte. Also aiding the Lion attack is senoir athlete Brad Booth and exceptional track runner and rising cross-country star Nathaniel Kujawski.

When asked about what's in store for the Lions over the rest of the season, Jeremy Costa was confident the team can pull together and finish the year with a strong record. Costa's bold prediction, "We will not only be in the playoff hunt, but we will make a good run in the playoffs." (Pardon the pun) So it looks like the Lions are geared up for a late season surge and there's no telling how far this cast of strong runners and improving young blood will go. But if Costa has his way, they will be going all the way to the playoffs. This may yet turn out to be a great year for Lincoln.

Leading the pack for the girls cross-country team is Lauren Shunney. She is an outstanding runner who takes pride in her sport. Shunney has been a bright spot on a 1-3 Lady Lions team that sits in seventh place in the Northern division. Another reason to hold onto hope for these ladies is freshman runner Amy Ferrer. She has been a great addition to the team and looks to have a bright future in the sport.

The girls started out slow but are improving as the season goes on. Team captains Tracy and Michelle Boudreau feel like this team can compete and be a stronger team than in 97. They agreed the squad is "more team oriented than in years past". This would give hope that the girls have a passion to succeed and may be able to step it up a notch as the season progresses. We can only wait and see.

Volume 2 (November - December 1998)

Hopes High for Swim Team

The girls swim team looks very strong and could be contenders for the Championship this upcoming season. After finishing runner-up in the division last year, this years team have their sights set on a Division crown. Lincoln High Senior Liza Catallozzi thinks her team has a chance to do some damage this year and it's because of some new faces on the team. Her thoughts on the season were, "Well, we finished in second place last year. We bring back the core of that team this year, and we have some very good freshman swimmers to add to this years squad." So the girls have the talent, but can they come together and put all that talent to use.

The prospect of coming together as a team may be more difficult that it might usually be as there still is no coach for these lady swimmers and their upcoming season. As of November 12th, the girls swim team is still waiting to find out who will lead them come race day. But regardless, with a great team, hopefully the job will be easy for the new coach. There is no telling what heights this years team can reach. This could end up being a banner year for the Lady Lions.

Bustin' Broncos

As we come to the miday point in the 1998 NFL Season, one team seems to be above the rest, and it's no suprise that it's the defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos. Coming off a season where a quest of 14 years was fulfilled with QB John Elway winning his first Super Bowl ring with a victory over the Green Bay Packers, the Broncos look even better this year and don't show any signs of slowing down.

The Broncos are off to an 8-0 start and with the core of it's team back, it should be no surprise that Denver has remained as the best team in the NFL. What is surprising is that they are doing it without their future Hall of Fame QB John Elway. Elway has been injured at times throughout the early part of the season and it came to a point where the veteran had to take a seat on the bench and try and get healthy for what they hope will be another deep playoff run. So how have the Broncos remained undefeated without their leader? The answer lies in the backup quarterback. Bubby Brister.

Brister was a 3rd round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers and played there for a number of years, including leading them into the playoffs in a very tough division full of teams that are all about playing great defense and pounding the rock with the h-backs. He would leave there and go cross state to the Philadelphia Eagles where he would put up some very good stats while filling in for and outplaying Randall Cunningham. He then signed with the Broncos, and thanks to that decision, he now has a Super Bowl ring, and is currently outplaying John Elway in continuing to lead the Broncos on their quest of 16 - 0 to end the regular season. For the first time in his career, Bubby has offensive weapons at his disposal and he is proving that he can play at a high level. The Broncos hope he can continue this until Elway gets healthy again.

The Broncos have a very good defense, and with weapons like WR Ed McCaffrey, HB Terrell Davis, and TE Shannon Sharpe, brother of the former Packer great Sterling Sharpe, there is no telling when this team will get their first loss, or if they will at all. My bet, they might end up losing a game or two, but they will be Super Bowl Champions again.

Predictions for the end of the 1998 season: Denver wins Super Bowl XXXIII over the Vikings 28-17. The division winners in the NFL: New England, Jacksonville, Denver, New York Giants, Minnesota and San Francisco. Wild card berths go to Miami, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Green Bay, Atlanta and Tampa Bay.

Promising Season for Indoor Track

The year in Indoor Track is about to start and hopes are high. The foundation for the boys track team are five returning seniors: Jeremy Costa, Michael Reynolds, Andrew Shannahan, Craig Tucker and Nathaniel Kujawski. These guys are the cement that holds this team together.

Senior Andrew Shannahan is confident heading into the season, and rightfully so. "We are going to have an awesome relay team this year with Mike, Nate, Tucker and myself". Shannahan was a second team all-stater last year and he looks to claim the crown in the 45 meter hurdles that he feels should have been his last year.

Jeremy Costa and fellow senior, LWO Black & Gold member and sprint star "Flash" Kujawski, look to finish off their high school careers in style. And they aren't the only ones. "I think we look powerful enough this season to bring home the division tittle", said senior sprinter Mike Reynolds. And with the core group of guys, along with a very much improved indoor runner and potential sleeper in senior Kory Textiera, it appears the Lions might do just that.

The girls indoor squad also looks promising this season. Outstanding senior runner Lauren Shunney is returning to the track in her last year at Lincoln High School and is looking to have a year that will be strong enough to get her into states. The girls team also includes senior members Kathy Rogan, Catherine Lavallee, Liza Eleoff, Corrie Harty, Sarah Champagne, Carin Laightbown, and Amanda Kenney. These girls all are looking to finish off their high school careers with a solid showing and look to be a very tough team to beat in the upcoming season.

Volume 3 (December 1998)

Twisted Metal for Christmas?

Twisted Metal you say? Yes, Twisted Metal. For those not aware, it's a video game. And for the gamer, it's a great gift. When asked to branch out from the sports section and come up with an article for Christmas, I said sure. When asked to write about a christmas gift that I would like to receive, I said sure. What did it have to be? My choice. So seeing as video games are a very popular item on many christmas lists, I decided to come up wth this. Now it's something I already have. But I just couldn't help writing about my favorite video game series of all time.

So after waiting for two years, Twisted Metal 3 finally hit the stores. For the Twisted Metal fans, both TM1 and 2 were both best sellers, and 3 looks like it will garner the same kind of support from the gaming community. These type of games are what's called car combat games. You drive around, going from level to level, and proceed to blow up others vehicles. Each character has it's own story, it's own background, and it's own ending. There are many modes in this challenging game including the option to play through the story mode with not only a friend, but you have the option of playing through the game with a computer ally. That is a first in the series.

For the previous fans, there are a few new guys, some new looks, and two men making their triumphant returns. Mr. Grimm, Spectre, Thumper, Hammerhead, Axel, Roadkill, Warthog and the great Sweet Tooth are back in this years game. The new blood consists of Club Kid, Firestarter and Flower Power. The two men making their returns to the series, the first is Darkside, The Black Rig from Hell, and Captain Carl Roberts. Better known as Outlaw 1. This year his teams up with his sister Jamie, from TM2, Outlaw 2, to bring some law an order to this crazy world. The levels in the game are fantastic and a good mix of different environments. For me, I fully enjoyed the game. For any other gamer, I suggest you give it a try.

Volume 4 (February - March 1999)

Track & Field Training Hard

It's postseason time for the track and field teams and everyone is waiting to see how the girls will perform. The season for the girls have had more downs than ups, but we're going to see if they can pull off some upsets and turn this season into a championship one. The girls are lead by Lion extrodinare, Captain Lauren Shunney. Shunney is surrounded by a group of great athletes that have a lot of promise. Sprint Steph "The Gazelle" Moreau has scored many points for the Lady Lions this year and she looks great along with 1500 meter state standout, Katie DiPalma, and Freshman Hurdler, Kristina Lagasse.

The weight throwing team has been a major point scoring factor in this years track and field season. Amanda Kenney, Kristen Chapin, and Vanessa Lopes have done a great job so far this year for the weight team. The Lady Lions have competed strong this season and have potential in this years playoffs. Senior Kathy Rogan says, "We have done great this year with what we have." Can the girls defy the odds and show their full potential in the playoffs? Only time will tell.

The season for the boys track and field team has been very good. The Lions showed great poise in finishing at 4-2 and third place in their division. Tri-Captains Jeremy Costa, Andrew Shannahan and Mike Reynolds lead the charge for the Lions as they try and hunt down the championship. Junior Nick Jyzk leads a much improved weight team along with Rich Renzi as they have had some great performances this year. On the teams chances in the playoffs, Costa says, "We have a better chance than ever before at taking home the title". Along with Matt Tarpy, Nate Ferrell, Brad Laporte and senior Kory Textiera, the team is solid and they look ready to make their run.

The Lions have to prove that they are better than Woonsocket and Cumberland in the playoffs to erase their only two regular season defeats. And they look ready to do just that. It's time to shine for the Lions, just ask Textiera, "We've had our fun but now we've got to get down to business". The Lions look very serious and they are going to be ready.

Rams and Friars in Dire Straights

The year in college basketball is in full stride and the state of Rhode Island is well represented in the race to make the big dance. The University of Rhode Island, Providence College and Brown University all represent the ocean state in Division I men's college basketball. For the Brown Bears, this season hasn't quite gone as expected and the Bears chances at winning the Ivy league are all but gone to get the automatic bid to the postseason tournament. But it's a different story for URI and PC.

The 1998-1999 campaign for the Rhode Island Rams started with a bang. The #24 ranked Rams would defeat a ranked TCU team at the Civic Center 87-85. But after a convincing victory over Vanderbilt, the season has gone downhill. This promising season has turned partially sour as the Rams have been around a .500 winning percentage all season. Things are not all lost however. With Lamar Odom, Antonio Reynolds-Dean, Preston Murphy, Luther Clay and the rest of the Rams, they do still have a shot at making the tournament. Rhode Island plays teams with losing records in nine out of their final ten games so their schedule should help them. It should take at least eight wins in those games plus a couple of wins in the Atlantic-10 tournament to make the NCAA tourny at the end of the year.

Another Rhode Island suprise, this one good, is the season for the Providence College Friars. The Friars have had an exceptional year for a team that wasn't picked to do much of anything this season. Jamel Thomas, Kendrick Moore, Justin Farley and Corey Wright lead the Friars towards their run at the postseason. The Friars resume includes big victories over URI, North Carolina State, Purdue, Syracuse and Villanova. PC needs to keep up the pace though as they play St. John's, Connecticut and Miami (FL) down the stretch. Providence needs at least six victories in their final nine games and a couple of wins in the Big East tournament for them to make the Big Dance.

Hopes are high for both teams as they have put themselves into decent positions to have a chance at making their seasons successful ones. This could end up being a very big year in the littlest state in the union as we could very well end up with two teams dancing during March Madness.

Volume 5 (April - May 1999)

King of the Jungle

Lion track superstar Nathaniel Kujawski is finishing off his high school career with a bang. This Lion has proved to be a Lincoln legend with a great performance at the Warwick Coach's Invitational Track Meet. Kujawski broke two school records at the track meet, one being his own.

What's amazing is Kujawski almost didn't go to the meet because of illness. "I was sick for four days leading up to the event. I didn't know if I was even going to the meet". It's a good thing he did because he was a major reason on why the Lions had such a good showing at the event.

Still feeling the effects of being ill, Kujawski had no expectations when he arrived at the meet. That changed however when he broke school records in the long and triple jumps. The long jump record was previously help by Nate at 21 feet. He was able to set a new mark in that by one inch. "I gathered all I had left and just tried to do my best", recalls Kujawski. His best was record breaking. He also shattered the 17 year old Lincoln High record in the triple jump by nine inches. Kujawski landed at 41 feet and 10 inches. Only four and a half feet from qualifying for the Olympics. This showed his true grit, heart and athleticism for the great athlete.

"Kujo" is a senior at Lincoln High School and has lived in Manville all his life. He not only is an amazing track and field star, but he has accelled in cross-country over the past four years. Kujawski was involved in the Variety Show in Lincoln since his sophmore year, and was the music director as a senior.

Kujawski has been an extrodinary runner since an early age. Friend and former Lincoln High Senior Dave Landry says, "I've known him since grade school and he has always been able to burn anybody in a race". Kujawski is going to the University of Rhode Island next year and will major in computer science. Although he didn't receive a scholarship from URI for track, "Flash" will show the Rams why he has that nickname. And when he gets there, he'll become a star.

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